Suffering Servants

Pietism 101

October 20, 2023 Rev. Tyler Cronkright
Suffering Servants
Pietism 101
Show Notes

On today's episode, we introduce pietism! What role does piety play in our lives as Christians? Pastor Hill unveils 6 concepts that we would do well to pay attention to in our fight against an ever changing Christian culture:

1) Restore the Bible to the people
2) Revive the priesthood of all believers
3) Understand that knowledge devoid of action is empty
4) Avoid unnecessary dogmatic arguments
5) Reform pastoral formation to show pastors how to BE disciples
6) Preaching without edification is dangerous.

We will be unpacking these concepts more next week. For now, enjoy the introductory conversation!

Follies of the week include a Florida pastor using his people to build a multi-million dollar entity, and online worshippers lead in Bible reading.

"Pia Desideria" Reimagined for Contemporary Theological Education:

A History of Lutheranism: